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       Bison Tenderloins ~ The Best Tasting and Healthiest Steak You"ll Ever Eat!
Did you know Bison Meat is the ONLY red meat recommended by the 
American Heart Association for a low cholesterol diet?
Grass Fed, Raised & Finished Bison Meat
Description Avg. Pkg. Weight Price Per Lb
Bison Ground Meat ~ 95% Lean 1 lb $11.00
Bison for Chili 1 lb $11.00
Bison Patties 1/3 lb 3 in 1 lb $11.50
Bison Stew Meat 1 lb $11.00
Bison Flank Steak 2 lb $12.00
Bison Flat Iron Steaks 2 lb $14.00
Bison Skirt Steaks for Fajitas 2 lb $12.00
Bison Brisket 3 lb $13.00
Bison Tenderloin Fillet Steaks 1/2 lb $38.00
Bison Boneless Rib-Eye Fillet 1 lb $22.00
Bison Bone In Rib-Eye Steaks 1 lb $19.00
Bison NY Strip Loin Fillet 0.6 lb $18.00
Bison Bone In Sirloin Steaks 2 lb $17.00
Bison Osso Buco/Shank Steaks 2 lb $10.00
Bison Short Ribs 2" 3 lb $9.00
Bison Long Ribs 4" 3 lb $9.00
Bison Heel of Round Roast 3 lb $14.00
Bison Tri Tip Roast 3 lb $13.00
Bison London Broil Roast 2 lb $13.00
Bison Arm Roast 2 lb $11.00
Bison Chuck Roast 3 lb $11.00
Bison Hump Roast 3 lb $11.00
Bison Rump Roast 3 lb $11.00
Bison Top Round Roast 3 lb $13.00
Bison Liver 1 lb $9.00
BDBR Wholesale Pricing
Texas Grass Fed Bison
~ Raised and Finished Bison Meat ~
Minimum Prices for 20lb or larger orders.

What’s for dinner? Healthy, Tender, Tasty Buffalo Meat!  
In Stock ~ Updated Inventory, price list and order form.
We can discuss any special cuts you may want for you next event , social gathering or just to keep on hand, and I will have them for you when I process the next bison. 
Just give me a call or email,  and we can discuss your next order and shipping dates and cost.

As always, Thankyou for your trust and your business!